Monthly Archives: October 2017

The Countdown is On!

Three weeks until we are on a helicopter flying away from post – we are finally on the downhill and on our way out! It’s been a quick year that’s also felt long at times, David and I have mixed feelings still about our time spent here. Professionally, it was challenging, but personally we were able to have many experiences that wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t taken the leap of faith.

So the jury is still out, but thankfully we have so many new memories to carry us through the hard days and soon we will be on the other side. Our digital photo frame reminds us of the amazing adventures we’ve had and all the wonderful places in the world that we’ve been privileged to experience. This last R&R, we rounded out our Euro tour with Lisbon, Portugal, Southern Spain, and the Loire Valley in France. All are beautiful locations to visit and gave us time to rest and explore.

But it’s time to come home and reunite with our beloved Pigpen and get back to normal. Three more weeks! We can do it! Positive talk. πŸ™‚