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Baghdad Update – It’s been a while

When I reflect on life in Iraq, I have come up with a new mantra: “give it five minutes, and it will change.” It is true for everything here. This helps to calm me when I feel like things don’t make sense or I’m spinning my wheels. The weather is *hot* – 120 degrees is the current daily norm and the wind blows an incredible heat wave that burns your face and exposed skin. It’s the harshest climate that I’ve experienced and doesn’t at all compare to Saudi Arabia which was much more tolerable in the summertime. It’s transition season at the Embassy. The oldies are bitter and anxious to leave, the newbies are smiling and fresh, ready to begin the adventure.

Time passes relatively quickly here, David and I are happy to have less than four months left and are looking forward to our last R&R in a few weeks. The assignment has been difficult, it’s not been an easy ride and we’re tired, but we’ve accomplished some of the larger goals we had for coming here and are proud that we’re nearly through the roughest patches.

Some of the things that keep us above water are the memories we’ve created along the way. Our previous R&R to Italy, London, and Santorini has been medicine for the soul and we love reliving the good times we had. Every part of the vacation was amazing and couldn’t have been more perfect.

One of the more precious moments of the trip was in Port Lympe, Hythe at our best friends’ wedding, Becca and George. A gorgeous ceremony and reception, we witnessed them tie the knot – a happy and emotional occasion!

The quick highlights from the trip: gelato in front of the Vatican, canal rides in Venice, dancing at the wedding, seeing my parents in England, watching the sunset over the Aegean Sea from our Caldera view balcony, and all the freshest and most delicious food you can imagine!