CLO Training: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A couple blog posts ago, I described the position I currently hold here in Baghdad. It is a big job for one person at the largest embassy in the world, but I finally have found my groove with managing the workload and am ready for the next seven months. The hiring freeze is not great – frankly it’s bad for the Foreign Service since it means that trailing spouses cannot get hired at post. Luckily I got my job back in November and am not currently affected, but if the freeze continues by the time we move on to our next assignment, I will not be able to work. Hopefully we will be able to educate this administration regarding EFM (Eligible Family Member) employment and they will thaw the freeze. However, if it continues, there will be no one to fill the two positions I am currently holding up when I leave. These are vacancies, not the creation of new positions.

Anyways…I had to preface that with the real reason I am writing this post. Training in Kuala Lumpur! Respectfully, the Community Liaison Office program requires training for coordinators and DC holds regional training overseas for those of us living away from the States. Lucky for me, I got to go for one week of training in Southeast Asia! It was a rewarding opportunity and I enjoyed every minute of it. Even though we did forty hours of training, it felt like a vacation! I made some great connectionss and spent time with a good friend, enjoyed delicious food and nightlife, and took advantage of the cheap spa services. It was awesome!

The training is good for five years, so I won’t be getting lucky like that again. I am very thankful for the traveling I have been able to experience because of this Foreign Service life.


3 thoughts on “CLO Training: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  1. Aunt mary

    Thanks for all the updates. Was wondering how you and David were handling the new trump administration. Sounds like you are staying safe and making the most of what you can considering the difficulties you face daily! God bless!

  2. Anonymous

    A complete turn around traveling to Malaysia from your most recent R & R to France, Austria and Germany. Ah… the spa. It’s always an enjoyable experience! Take good care. Keep the posts coming whenever you get a chance.


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