Packing for the Unknown

Much of our preparation for each move involves sorting and organizing our material things into piles marked ship, pack, storage, and give away. Before leaving Saudi, I spent much time separating items for storage and shipment. It was a similar process when we left New Jersey for Saudi two years ago, I separated our items into ship and storage and we packed our suitcases with what we would need immediately upon arrival. I even wrote a blog post about the process. It seemed pretty straight forward at the time. Sure, there were definitely things I would do differently after I realized I put too much emphasis on what I would need in air freight and what I ended up really needing those first two months, but it wasn’t too bad. So I’ve been trying to do it as good – if not better – this time around.

Ha! I should know otherwise.

Each time we move, we try to do it better. Yet, no matter the effort and thought, it doesn’t always work out that way. There are different obstacles, different Post policies, unforeseen paperwork, new lame brains on the shipping/receiving end who act like your shipment is somehow different from all the rest and don’t do their jobs correctly, and then there are the different circumstances surrounding the move. This time around, we packed out our home six months before heading to our new assignment, which meant that we would be carting around our air freight from hotel room to hotel room until it would be sent back to the Middle East. Not easy when you have one car and 500 lbs of cargo.

This air freight contains all the possessions that we will have in Baghdad for our year-long assignment – only eight boxes worth. I spent much time in Saudi thinking about and researching our move. How would the apartment be furnished, what clothes should I pack, what items would we want to feel comfortable and at home? The lifestyle will be stressful and the work will be demanding, we needed to pack as many comforts as possible.

Fast forward to present day. After shuffling items around, packing and re-packing as far back as February, I still find myself constantly reassessing our air freight. I have been emailing with contacts currently at Post who have perspective on such important matters of the heart when overseas, and I still cannot fathom what our lives will be like. There are too many unknowns still, too many variables, and such a small limit to what we can ship. I find most of my attention is drawn to the things that will bring us joy. Much of what I’ve packed has been practical, but lately I am thinking more sentimentally. I’ve printed pictures that I plan to display in my office and around the apartment, I’ve purchased new bedding and a few furnishings to bring character and life to the white walls and brown furniture, and I have been putting probably way too much thought into the food I want to ship so I can do a little cooking and baking despite the fact that there will be a cafeteria supplying us with free food around the clock.

The truth is, I am anxious for this move. This time there will be more separation than in the past. We will be separated from our beloved dog who has given us great comfort and stability with each move, and we will be separated from most of our earthly possessions which have given us consistency and familiarity in our new surroundings. If there is any reassurance in going to Baghdad, it’s that David and I will be together.

This move has been challenging and it’s still not over. I probably won’t consider it over until a year has gone by and we are once again in the U.S. reunited with Pigpen. For now, I will continue packing and sorting, putting things into boxes and then taking them out again, making lists and envisioning the unknown, anticipating another move and preparing myself emotionally for another life-altering experience. If I seem a little crazy, it’s because I’m packing for the unknown.

5 thoughts on “Packing for the Unknown

  1. confessionsofabanshee

    Love your last sentence. The good news is that Pigpen has no concept of time so he will think you guys were gone for but a mere day ;). I know you will miss him so much. You are brave and resilient and I’m so proud of the woman you’ve become!!

  2. Mom

    Very challenging task ahead, Sara. You and David will face it head on and as always, supportive of each other in all situations . Pigpen will be cared for lovingly. He will be just a FaceTime away.


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