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Winter’s Week in Paris

I cannot believe it has been four months since my last post, one month since our last trip, and two weeks since I wrote the following post on Paris but never submitted it! I cannot keep pace with our schedule at the moment so I’m scrambling to catch up. We are about to embark on our second and last R&R trip which will take us to London, Los Angeles, and Manila. Yep, we’re heading West and we won’t stop until we are back in Saudi Arabia again. Around the world in eighty days? Ha. We are doing it in two weeks. So before I set off, I leave you with pictures from our most recent vacation, which was the perfect break. The pictures may look a little gloomy, but we were loving the cold and gray winter. Paris, it seems, is beautiful all year long.

January 2016:

We made it through another holiday season in Saudi. It was hard being overseas and away from family this time around, possibly because we haven’t been home since we left in September 2014. I missed all the Christmas decorations and shopping and neighborhood lights. The austerity of life in Saudi is starting to get to me. Work and life on the compound is uneventful, and the oppressive culture outside of these walls leaves for very little distraction from the things that bother us. But we made it through and 2016 began with a trip to Paris as a way to treat ourselves and get a taste of the Western world again.

France is quickly becoming our favorite retreat. Its simple pace fits our lazy travel style where we can leisurely stroll along cobblestone roads, linger at cafes for a glass of wine or espresso, and meander through parks, gardens, and museums with no schedule or agenda. And with cold rainy winter days, Paris did not lose one bit of its charm. We stayed in the neighborhood of Montmartre at the same hotel which we previously stayed. Nothing has changed since three years ago which means it is still quaint and scenic. It sits up on a hill with Sacre Coeur at the top, overlooking all of the city. We enjoyed every moment of our trip! There is still much left to explore of Paris and greater France, we don’t have any future plans, but I don’t doubt that we will one day be back for more.