Monthly Archives: March 2014

A Teasing Prospect – Change in Plans?

I received an email a couple of days ago that had me rethinking my future in Saudi Arabia. My old department chair here in NJ contacted me regarding a full-time faculty position at the school. He said they are looking for someone with my background in Composition and Rhetoric and encouraged me to apply.  I was excited and disappointed all at once since I couldn’t have been more flattered that he reached out to me specifically but sad that the timing is such that we are now leaving. David and I kicked around the idea of me staying behind and working at the school for another year which would be both professionally and financially rewarding for me, but after weighing all the options and thinking about how the prospective job would change our current plan, I couldn’t bring myself to fully accept the idea of delaying our adventures abroad.

It’s a regret that our timing here has been so out of sync with my own professional work, but such is the life of a trailing spouse. I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to find work in Saudi Arabia since we’ll be there for two years, but it would have been nice to have a guaranteed career builder. We’re working towards finding me a job in the consulate so I’ll be (hopefully) taking a few training courses while we’re in DC to make me more competitive. I am also keeping my options open to finding work at the local university in Dhahran.

In other news, ice cream on waffles is a delicious new discovery I just made.Image

Repurposing the Old: Beginning a New Chapter

A year ago I began this blog for school. One of my classes required that we publish and interact online as we think about how technology (i.e. computers and mobile devices) continuously changes and shapes how and where we write. “” was the starting point for stretching my comfort zone since I had always felt writing to be private in a sense – an exchange between friends, family, students and teachers, people I trust, myself and the page. This feeling was no doubt completely ridiculous since everyday work is published publicly and consumed by eager readers waiting to engage on some level with the written text, not to mention the irony of my graduate education being in Composition Studies, but nevertheless, I struggled with sharing my own writing. It’s possible that my attitude towards writing stemmed from a fear of being judged too critically or of impulsively putting something out there for the public to read that I would later regret (both are legitimate concerns and have happened in the past; blocks for any writer), however, it was time to put aside inhibitions and go for it. Sure a grade was the motivating factor, but I was also curious to explore my creative self in more universal settings.

Already familiar with ubiquitous social media like Facebook, I experimented with some suggestions from my classmates such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Weebly. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t used them before – talk about feeling old and out of touch – how they opened up my world! Ultimately, I had a lot of fun with my expanding online presence and continued using a couple of the forums even after the class ended (see @chintzys on Instagram and Chintzy on Pinterest).

The purpose of my blog and website ended with the conclusion of my class, but I’ve recently found a yearning to begin writing for an audience again. With another major life change happening in the near future (our move to Saudi Arabia), I began thinking about how far we will be from everyone and all the experiences I will want to share with family and friends. Chagrined recently by my mother, “How come you never call?” I’ve decided to revamp Chintzy’s website and blog as spaces for me to publish pictures and stories of our life abroad. It is hard to imagine living out of the country, but it was once hard for me to imagine a life away from the desert and then away from California. But I did it and I’m doing it. I know the significant factor in all my new found bravery has been my other half always by my side and always finding the answers, but I also know that I’m taking chances, testing the water, and getting my hands dirty every once in a while, and it really feels good.

The unknown is still a scary place for me, but I don’t want it to hold me back. I am grateful for my teachers, peers, friends, and family for pushing me to try new things and put myself out there where I’m vulnerable and insecure because it means that I’m doing something and going somewhere.

See you in the future, readers.